Cleaning sofas

cisteni sedacek praha

The modern machine extraction method, which is also used for carpet cleaning, is suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture and cleaning sofas which are made ​​from the most common covering materials. An exception is primarily leather, which isn’t suitable for this method of cleaning, or covers  with Teflon finishing, since extraction cleaning practically means depth cleaning which isn’t possible with leather of Teflon.  Our professional employee, who ensures extraction cleaning of sofas, will always thoroughly check that the certain material is suitable for extraction cleaning, and only then actually starts cleaning to minimize security risks.

What pollution is suitable to be cleaned by the extraction method?

The extraction method is used for both normal maintenance cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture, and for cleaning acute stains such as from sweat. Extraction cleaning gets rid of any smell and gives your sofa a pleasant scent. Cleaning sofas with the extraction method cannot be used for removing rubber gums, wax, ink and other aggressive pollution. However, it is very effective to eliminate dust mites and allergens, which are hidden within the structure of the material.

How long does drying take?

The drying of the cleaned material always depends mainly on the room ventilation and the surrounding temperature. Extraction cleaning method of sofas or carpets is unique for the fact, that most of the water during the cleaning process is sucked back into the cleaning extractor, resulting in a relatively low humidity. Thanks to this, the total drying time after cleaning sofas is just somewhere between two to four hours.

Preliminary order of carpet cleaning