carpet cleaning

cisteni kobercu praha

Our company offers complex and professional services in textiles cleaning. Our services are available to individuals and companies alike.

Clean and well maintained carpet is necessary both for good health, but also for esthetic reasons for all rooms, halls and offices. Not all companies offer sufficient experience, nor use proper detergents or use efficient methods to offer truly quality cleaning. Contact us, with us you can be sure of the cleaning well done.

Cleaning is done with the so-called wet method and only with safe, environmentally friendly detergents. Wet method means that water is injected under pressure into the carpet and almost immediately vacuumed back into the machine. This method is not only efficient, but also gentle, as it doesn’t wear the carpet unnecessarily, nor tears out the fibers of the carpet.

Extraction cleaning method of cleaning when the cleaning solution is injected into the surfaces to be cleaned carpet or upholstery then is sucked back into the dirt collecting tank. This process occurs repeatedly and finally is done vacuuming the residual solution.

Dry large scale or heavily soiled areas of carpet is made with rotary machine and then extraction method.

Dry rotary machine cleaning is a cleaning method, when a machine reel surface to be cleaned, cleaning solution is applied which is foamed rotary motion brush , carpet brushing and subsequently the dirty solution with foam vacuumed. This process is followed by extraction cleaning. This method reliably removes dirt, dust mites, odor and revives the color. After this process the cleaned area remains only slightly damp.

We provide and specialize in:

  • Extraction carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning of mattresses
  • Cleaning the upholstery of sofas, armchairs and chairs
  • Cleaning of car interiors
  • Cleaning of fabrics
cisteni kobercu praha

For households

Gently and reliably clean your furniture with professional, non-foaming means that not only reliably clean, but your apartment is beautifully scented. Detergents are also allergy-free , they are therefore suitable for all households, even if you have pets.

Prosecute cleaning during normal working hours due to their responsibilities? Never mind, we are available anytime non -stop, including weekends and holidays , and absolutely no additional charge for non-standard working hours.

For companies

We offer professional, flexible approach to cleaning your business premises . Our services are here for you non -stop, including weekends and holidays so that you run your business was not disrupted. All without additional costs for work outside of standard working hours. Plenty of careful and well-trained staff and our professional equipment will ensure your maximum satisfaction.

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