Yes. We always try to adjust to the customer’s time demands and usually it works.

Of course. The price for the cleaning always counts in the detergents.

Sure. Our employees work also during weekend and state holidays.

The complete drying lasts 2-24 hours depending on the depth of cleaning, which we choose according to the level of contamination.

For carpet cleaning we use only high quality professional machines brand Sabrina Maxi, which secure high vacuuming performance necessary for perfect removal of all dirt.

This is a mechanical way of cleaning carpets, during which hot water with a detergent is pushed by the steam pressure into the surface being cleaned. Later, the detergent, to which the dirt from the carpet is attached, is withdrawn back to the collector.

No, our staff can do the work before or after your working hours. Although when cleaning in households it is regular that the client is present in order to let us in.

Of course, even this service can be ordered.

Here the customer can choose whether he prefers to pay by transfer of in cash at the place of the cleaning. He does always receive a bill, or an invoice.

Preliminary order of carpet cleaning

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