Cleaning mattresses

cisteni matraci praha

The modern extraction method, which is often used for cleaning carpets or upholstered furniture, is just perfect for mattress cleaning. Since a person spends almost one third of his entire time in his bed, it is necessary not to underestimate mattress cleaning and do it minimally twice a year, so that mites and other allergens don’t become our uninvited co-mates. By cleaning mattresses by the extraction method we can clean most synthetic or natural materials. Get a good night’s sleep.

What pollution is suitable to be cleaned by the extraction method?

As we mention elsewhere on this website, it is very helpful if pollution is professionally treated right after it occurs. You can almost say, that with cleaning mattresses this is even truer, since in the case of cleaning mattresses it often happens, that long forgotten stains aren’t able to be cleaned completely. Thorough mechanical mattress cleaning will ensure your bed a nice smell and will remove not only all visible stains from body lotions or food, but get rid of mites and allergens that hide within the structure.

How long does drying take?

As always in the case of drying, the drying time of the mattress cleaned by extraction also depends on ventilation of the room and the air temperature. Since when applying the extraction method for cleaning carpets or cleaning mattresses most of the water is sucked back into the extractor during cleaning, the lasting humidity relatively small. The time of the mattress drying is somewhere between 2 to 4 hours.

Preliminary order of carpet cleaning