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Highly efficient and machine operated extraction method is suitable not only for cleaning carpets, but cleaning chairs and most other covering materials as well, except some- leather upholstery for example. Our employee, who ensures carpet cleaning and chair cleaning first examines how much is the covering material appropriate for the extraction method, and only after he starts working, to avoid any potential damage to the chair. With us, cleaning chairs will always be successful and without fault.

What pollution is suitable to be cleaned by the extraction method?

The extraction method of chair cleaning is suitable mainly if the seats and cushions have been stained by organic material that is usually by food or drinks. We are able to clean these kinds of stains without any remains using the extraction method of chair cleaning. Generally, there are two rules- it is important to ensure mechanical cleaning as soon as possible after the staining, but at the same time it might be harmful, if you try to clean the stain on your own, without any professional equipment.

How long does the covering dry?

Same as with cleaning carpets, the drying time after chair cleaning is dependent mostly on room ventilation and air temperature. The extraction method of cleaning chairs is characteristic for the fact, that water after cleaning is sucked right back from the material, therefore even humidity straight after cleaning is relatively low compared to other methods. Usually perfect drying of the covering after chair cleaning takes something between 2 and 4 hours of time.

Preliminary order of carpet cleaning

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