cisteni kobercu praha

Our company doesn’t only provide cleaning services, but also professional carpet and upholstered furniture cleaning. All cleanings are done by the wet method- that is by hot water extraction. 

This is a mechanical way of cleaning carpets, during which hot water with a detergent is pushed by the steam pressure into the surface being cleaned. Later, the detergent, to which the dirt from the carpet is attached, is withdrawn back to the collector.

In our company we use only high quality professional machines of Sabrina Maxi Nilfisk brand. They are very effective and practical engines. With this method we can reach the efficiency of 90%. Hot water extraction method will ensure precise removal of dust, small mechanical dirt, mites or unpleasant smells. The complete drying lasts 2-24 hours depending on the depth of cleaning, which we choose according to the level of contamination. Try out this method that will not only refresh the colors of your carpet or furniture but also leave a pleasant scent. Our recommendation is to ensure regular carpet cleaning (at least once a year).

Preliminary order of carpet cleaning